Are you in our weekly Sports Pools Competition? Ask our staff if you wish to join – there are spaces available.

Test your sporting knowledge and win heaps of cash each week. Plus the overall winner receives a $500 TAB voucher.

Sports Pool Rules:

  • The competition will consist of two rounds for the year.
  • The person with the highest cumulative score at the end of each round will win a $500.00 TAB Voucher.
  • There will be eight games chosen each week and the object is to pick the winner of each game (or a draw). Entries must be in before kick off or the first game of that weekend (remember there are Friday games that start at 6.00pm).
  • Entry is $5 per week, with all this money going into a pool which will go to the person who picks eight out of eight, or if there is more than one winner then the money will be split.
  • If no one correctly picks eight out of eight the money will jackpot to the following week.
  • To be eligible to win any prize money that has “jackpotted” the player must have entered at least 60% of the weeks since the last time “eight out of eight” was struck.
  • Any Hillcrest Tavern Staff (and partners) who enter will be ineligible to win any of the 2 major prizes and must display their picks before the beginning of each round.
  • Any player who does not enter for three weeks in a row will forfeit their place.
  • No correspondence will be entered into, judges decision is final.
  • On the games where there is a points start, a draw is not an option, for example if the Highlanders by 10 or more is a draw, then “Waratahs” is the correct answer