• The cost is $100 per player.
  • Punters will be allocated a weekend to place their bet and when it is your turn to bet you must place and pay for your bet, which we will hold and display, on that weekend (we will take no money in advance from anyone).
  • Punters who join up, commit themselves to placing and paying for their bet on their weekend, swapping weekends amongst team mates is fine just let us know so we can change the board. In the event of a punter not placing their bet, the end result will be worked out on a per average basis.
  • Racing, Sports, Multi’s, Fixed Odds and All Up Betting are all allowed. Bets must be placed before the first NZ Race on the Saturday at the Hillcrest Tavern TAB, and be for races/events that finish that weekend. (i.e. no futures betting.)
  • Each week we will have a running total of all teams’ progress and at the end of the round, the winning team will receive the coveted “Hillcrest Tavern Punters Club Trophy” a $200 Bar Tab & bragging rights for the whole of the next round.
  • At the end of the round, each team’s money will be dispersed equally back amongst themselves in the form of a betting voucher.
  • At the end of each round the Punter with the highest individual collect will receive a $100 Bar Tab.